Why sustainability is high on the agenda for Taylor Wimpey España

The increase in climate protests across the world is driving the ecological agenda and property developers, renovators and landlords are under more pressure to play their part than ever before.  However some constructors, including Taylor Wimpey España, are receiving praise for their latest developments which protect local ecosystems and indigenous tree and plant species by making them features of its developments.

Botanic, Horizon Golf and La Floresta Sur in the Costa del Sol all boast beautiful woodland surroundings, with homeowners also benefitting from the stunning greenery provided by local golf courses.  We caught up with Marc Pritchard, Taylor Wimpey España’s Sales & Marketing Director, who explains why sustainability is so important to them.  Marc says:

“Sustainability is important – and it’s something that’s made easier in Spain.

“Homeowners in Spain use less heating in winter, while in summer the water gets heated up with solar power, meaning that it’s much easier to live sustainably here – however we consciously planted more trees too.” 

“Planting more trees was something that we identified as desirable through discussions with our clients and with the local authorities. Additionally, we want to do all we can to respect the local environment when we build new homes. By planting more trees, we were able to meet the needs of the local tourism industry as well as serving the country – and the planet – as a whole.”

While more tree coverage is good for the environment, are there benefits for homeowners, too?

Mark explains:

“Homeowners with additional tree coverage can enjoy healthier fresh air, green views, a relaxing atmosphere and peace of mind. The shade below the trees in the summer season is also ideal for siesta time. Homeowners can enjoy the green communal areas all year round with family and friends, thanks to Spain having warm temperatures all year. At the same time, planting more trees helps to absorb carbon dioxide and creates local habitats for insects, birds and other small animals, so is good for the environment.

Mark believes that buyers are becoming increasingly conscious about sustainability and protecting the environment,  He says:

“Sustainability is a growing trend in all business areas, not only in the real estate market. We’re working with our clients to ensure that the homes we build are in line with their sustainability criteria. 

“We’ve also implemented numerous methods of improving home efficiency in our latest homes.

“We prevent thermal bridging wherever we can, specifically around window frames. We also use solar panels, double glazed windows, and an energy saving system in heating and other electric appliances. We also include the pre-installation of electrical outlets in parking spaces in order to charge electric cars.

“For our latest homes, we’re starting to use complete heat pump systems, which provide for cooling in summer, heating in winter and hot water throughout the year and are also compatible with solar energy. – homes are cheaper to run and that’s good for everyone, including the homeowners.”