Transfer, Update and Renew All Your Home Services with SlothMove

Have you just bought a new home or have recently moved? Then you probably know that with all the excitement of moving house comes even more stress! You need to meet deadlines, pack items, transport your belongings, update your services and much more. However, you don’t have to do it alone! A new prop-tech change of address service hailing from Sheffield has stepped up to help you with some of the heavy lifting when moving house.


Who is SlothMove?

Founded in 2019, this UK based company has helped thousands of people reduce their burdens and save money by updating the information on all their necessary services. Thanks to their amazing online tool, SlothMove helps their consumers save an average of £500, 7 hours of time and over 19 phone calls when moving home.


What does SlothMove do, exactly?

At SlothMove, they make your home move hassle-free by updating your addresses and setting up your home before you even get there. Since their creation, they’ve helped tens of thousands o f SlothMoversenjoy a happy, admin-free house move. Moving home in itself is a tall order. SlothMove knows that! They’ve been working in the industry for years. They help you when it comes to updating all your info across all your important service providers, be it your NHS, HMRC, Council, Water, loyalty cards and hundreds more.

Their army of sloths take care of all the necessary admin and transfers for you, including setting up your council tax and broadband. Plus, SlothMove boasts a 256-bit SSL encryption with industry-leading data quality and ethics to protect all their user’s data.


How does it work?

STEP- 1: Sign Up

It’s so simple to use the SlothMove platform, it only takes 5 minutes of your time, and they take care of the rest. To start visit and click on the ‘Get Started’ button.


STEP- 2: Add Your Details

Next, add all the necessary information including your email, your old and new addresses, and postcodes. When SlothMove knows where you’re moving from, where you’re moving to and the date of the move it will auto-populate your new and previous council tax and water providers. You can then automatically update your address and get your house setup by the time you first walk in the door.


STEP-3: Choose Your Services

Now, all you need to do is individually pick each service you’d like to notify of your move. Their easy-to-use platform will guide you service by service, helping you find all your favourite providers. No more phone calls, no more repetition, and no more hold music! The whole process is quick and easy, then SlothMove does the rest.


STEP-4: Send the Sloths to Work

By using the information you provide, SlothMove updates all your providers of your new move without any extra effort from your end. They’ll provide you with all your new council and utilities information including water and waste removal. Then, the Sloths assist you in setting up all your essential services like TV, Wifi, Broadband and much more. Their sloths cover it all! No wonder they have so many happy customers (rated Excellent on TrustPilot), they basically do everything for you!


STEP-5: Pick Your Free Gift!

We’ve saved the best for last. Everyone knows that a move isn’t complete without your own house-warming gift! As a thank you for using their services (and a congratulations on your new home) SlothMove gives you a gift of your choice! Pick from a wide selection of gifts from a free case of craft beer to free taste cards and tons of other options. Enjoy something nice, complements of their team.


What does it cost?

With free packages and paid packages starting at just £20 per month, they can provide services for anyone. So, if you’re moving home and you don’t want to deal with the time, money, and hassle of updating all your service information, just hop on SlothMove and let their amazing team of sloths manage the heavy lifting for you.