Technical & Development Services (South West) Appoints New Managing Director 

Scott Gill to Take the Reigns

Technical & Development Services (South West) have announced Scott Gill as their new Managing Director. He will work alongside Steve Williams until the end of September 2022, when he will then fully take the reigns as Managing Director leading the Southwest team.

Scott began his career in Residential Engineering design. He has worked for several of the major housing developers but realised smaller developers were facing bigger challenges than the larger companies, especially when the recession hit. This is an area he wanted to focus his extensive expertise on.

Major House Builders Scott has had the pleasure of working with include Beazer Homes, Westbury Homes, and Barratt David Wilson Homes. Scott’s knowledge brings a greater understanding of all aspects and challenges the housebuilding industry faces in the current market.

Scott’s project and technical experience in:

  • Land Acquisition

  • Planning

  • Engineering

  • Utilities

  • Onsite Support, and

  • Adoption

Scott’s expertise has been and continues to be invaluable to small and major developers across the UK.

The breadth and depth of Scott’s experience and knowledge illustrate to the employees and customers of Technical and Development Services Ltd that this crucial role is being passed to a safe pair of hands. Congratulations to Scott on his promotion to Managing Director, the team at TDS are excited for the future and the continued progression and growth of the Southwest region.

Technical and Development (South West) Ltd: is part of the TDS Group, whose services include adoptions, project management, utility costs, land investigations and more. TDS Group’s expertise has been called upon by development companies and government agencies looking for cutting-edge input into creating policies in various areas. TDS have contributed to:

  • The Water Act 2003 (and related guidance).

  • Ofgem Electricity Connection Steering Group.

  • The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Water.

  • Planning Policy Statement 25.

  • The steering group for the transfer of private sewers.

  • The steering group for PPG3.

  • Highway Authority policies (in partnership with the DfT).

To learn more about Technical & Development Services (South West) Ltd, visit their website.